Solarium My Lipo Light


Lipo Light: Complete Body Sculpting

Lipo Light is:

  • Latest non-intrusive alternative to Lipo-Suction.
  • Complete body sculpting and anti-cellulite.
  • Perfect for those trouble areas you can’t seem to eliminate with exercise and diet.

With Lipo Light you can:

  • Dissolve fat in targeted specific areas.
  • Lose 7-23 inches or 2-3 dress sizes in 45 days.

Plus there is no pain and no downtime!

LED RED LIGHT is placed on the skin at a specific wave length that will cause the pores of the fat cell to open and allow fat contents to dissolve out naturally.

We also offer the vibra-motion plate option that stimulates the lymphatic system to rid the body of the fat that was just released while firming and toning muscles!