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the Red Light does work!

When Solarium first got the lay down red light beds I wanted to try it because I had a dark spot on my neck. It was in the front center of my neck where I couldn't hide it unless I wore a turtle neck.It was about  the size of a quarter.  I…
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Lose 3-9 Inches Permanently

Lipo-Light Body Sculpting Lose 3-9 Inches in as little as 3 weeks with this advanced slimming technology at Solarium. Eliminate Fat Without Surgery Free Full Body Evaluation to see if you qualify for this amazing service. Customers…
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With an Exclusive Membership, you can customize your color with VersaSpa and Custom Spray Tans, relax and rejuvenate with our Spa Treatments and use our amazing Sunbeds. Whether you join us with an exclusive membership, or try us one tan,…